Disc Golf & Paintball

Step up for a bit of friendly competition in the field with disc golf and paintball at our North Georgia resort  We provide the venue, then it's up to you determine who gets bragging rights.

Disc Golf
Disc Golf is popular with guests of all ages for a family friendly resort activity. Our nine-hole course meanders through our historic gardens and meadows, offering a fun and active way to enjoy the grounds.

$10 per person or $15 per couple
Includes course setup, par sheet and map

Disc Golf is complimentary for overnight resort guests.

Pick your teams and challenge each other to paintball at Wolf Cave Mountain Field. Located at Barnsley Resort, play in the cover of woods or in an open field for two different game experiences.

This fee includes playing field admission, 500 paintballs, Tippmann paintball gun, safety equipment, 12oz. CO2 tank and referee

Minimum age is 10 years and above. A minimum of four players and a maximum of 30 players is required.

Additional paintballs may be purchased.

1000 $30
500 $15
250 $10

CO2  Refill
12 oz. $4
20 oz. $5

For more information and activity reservations, please call SpringBank Sporting Club at 770.773.2457.

Download: Barnsley Resort Activities (Rates and Information)

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